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We regret to announce that the Laurel and Hardy Central Guestbook has been discontinued. We've been fighting spam for several months now but it keeps coming back and we just can't keep up.


Our wonderful friend Lucy K. Southward (the lovely lady pictured here) is a freelance artist from Lancashire, England.  She works mainly in graphite pencil, colored pencil and watercolors, and her work blows us away.  Like most wonderful people, she loves Laurel and Hardy, and we invite you to check out her site, where she has her artwork, including her Laurel and Hardy drawings, for sale.  We have no business ties with Ms. Southward, and get no financial renumeration on any sale she makes - we just think she is an outstanding artist and want to share her work.  Thanks, Lucy!

Lucy K. Southward's site:


While Laurel and Hardy Central has scaled itself back over the past few years out of necessity, there is one Laurel and Hardy site we love which seems to be expanding endlessly.  If you haven't checked out Another Nice Mess: The Films of Laurel and Hardy, created by our great pal Dave Lord Heath (pictured here in all his "lordly" glory), you owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to do so now.  A true treasure trove of information and graphics that opens up the world of Laurel and Hardy as well as The Hal Roach Studios in ways that may stupefy you!  You could get lost for days in this site!  With Dave's kind permission, we have used some of his excellent screen captures for our Silents section.  Thanks, Dave!

Another Nice Mess (


Laurel and Hardy Central has opened a small Charity Donation page.  We encourage you to visit it and consider making a donation to one of the organizations we list there. We have no affiliation with any particular charity (and we only have two listed at the moment), but we think that with the number of fine Laurel and Hardy fans who visit this site month in, month out, perhaps together we can make a difference in people's lives!  Thanks! - JB, JL

--- John Larrabee, John V. Brennan

Updated Dec. 10, 2017
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