Written and filmed March, 1929. Released by MGM, December, 1929. Produced by Hal Roach. Directed by Lewis Foster. Two reels.
Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy, Charlie Hall.   

STORY: A stray goat attaches itself to The Boys and follows them everywhere. They are forced to bring it into their apartment and are not particularly effective at hiding it from their outraged landlord.

JB: A very funny comedy which was remade as Laughing Gravy and partially remade as The Chimp.  The goat here is not as endearing as the little dog in the later film, but he's pretty damn loveable just the same. One of my favorite silent gags ever is the scene where Edgar Kennedy (as the landlord) is standing in the doorway of the Boys' apartment, telling them that he runs a respectable place, while behind him, we see a sailor and a hooker sneaking into the next apartment.

      Angora Love may not be as poignant as Laughing Gravy but it is funnier. 

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(But Laurel and Hardy will be back in Unaccustomed As We Are)