Filmed April, 1927. Released by Pathe, October, 1927. Two reels.
Cast: Charlie Chase, Edna Marion, Stan Laurel, Lincoln Plummer, May Wallace, Will R. Walling, Oliver Hardy, Wilson Benge.   

STORY: Charlie Chase is getting a divorce.  Lawyer Stan defends him in court.

     A Charlie Chase film that was lost for so long, nobody was even aware that both Laurel and Hardy appeared in it; hence, its absence from most L&H filmographies. Only reel two has been discovered, which confirms the presence of Stan and Babe and suggests that they had no scenes together in the missing reel. The discovered footage was screened at the Stan Laurel Centennial in London, 1990.

Babe Hardy and Stan Laurel co-star with comedian Charlie Chase... but not with each other!

Thanks to Dave Heath, of Another Nice Mess: The Films of Laurel and Hardy ( for the use of these pictures.

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