Written and filmed June, 1927. Released by MGM, September, 1927. Produced by Hal Roach. Directed by Fred Guiol. Two reels.
Cast: James Finlayson, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Noah Young, Charlotte Mineau, Edna Marian.   

STORY: Millionaire Finlayson ends up married after a night of drunken partying. In addition to a wife, he finds himself saddled with a golddigging step-daughter and a brother-in-law intent on murdering him. He hides out in a hotel with his lawyer (Laurel) and butler (Hardy), and escapes when Stan climbs on his shoulders, dons an extra-long coat, and pretends to be Ollie's 11-foot-tall wife.

The final film before the official teaming, and the final time they appear as anything but a team.

JB: There is really not a whole lot to this short besides the always amusing gag where someone gets on top of someone else, puts on a long overcoat and pretends to be one person, plus a chance to see the Boys cavorting around and old fashioned fun house.  Aside from that, the only interest is seeing just inevitable Laurel and Hardy's teaming actually was. Though Jimmy Finlayson would seem to be the character that this story is supposed to revolve around, Ollie (as his butler) and Stan (as his lawyer) soon take over the entire proceedings.

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