Written and filmed May, 1927. Released by Pathe, February, 1928. Produced by Hal Roach. Directed by Frank Butler. Story by Hal Roach. Two reels.
Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Viola Richard, Dorthy Coburn   

STORY: Two bachelor cavemen, macho Ollie and milksop Stan, compete for the hand of a comely young cavegirl.

     Laurel and Hardy are certainly the stars of this film, but don't expect to find Stan and Ollie here. Most of their scenes are solo -- they appear together only in the final sequence, where they are mortal enemies, of all things. Noted for its animation sequences (of - what else? - flying elephants), as much as anything.

JB: Stan is again in "pixie" mode. Ollie, however, has learned by this time that extremely delicate and fussy mannerisms, coming from a man with a rather large, imposing frame, is a surefire laugh-getter. And the standard Hollywood-issue lionskin caveman outfit he wears in this film makes those mannerisms even more effective. 

     At one point, Ollie mentions to the cavegirl that "the elephants are flying south this winter." The "flying elephant" animation that occurs immediately after is on the par of the loveable little mouse that the Boys' "boys" chase after in Brats -- that is, not especially good, but very charming in its cheesiness.

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